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Why Choose Steel Buildings?

We at Gateway Real Estate specialize in corporate locations for our clients. However, we also help families find homes that are both affordable and provide everything they need. Because we are a family-owned and operated business, we know the value of family and community. That is why our goal is to get businesses into the right buildings and families in the right homes. One of the facets of real estate we have learned from a business perspective is that metal buildings are the best choice for business operations. There are many different reasons why steel buildings are the best choice for any commercial property, all benefiting the company or companies that will soon sit in the building.

2013 Real Estate Report: The real estate market continues to show signs of improvement with strong indications from developers of new construction picking up around the US. Overall inventory is also showing signs of returning to normal levels as traditional and strategic foreclosures continue to decrease. Additionally real estate agencies are reporting strong demand for homes as well as investment properties. "We continue to see a strong uptick in demand for most anything currently available," said Noah Ostroff of Philadelphia Real Estate. These positive signs will hopefully continue as we move throughout the 2013 real estate calendar.

Metal buildings, such as those built by Whirlwind Steel Buildings, are low cost. Steel buildings offer the most cost effective solution to construction materials in the long run. This saves the property owner money as well as the businesses in the building. Furthermore, metal buildings from companies like Whirlwind Steel Buildings are extremely low maintenance compared to other types of buildings. They are easier to clean and maintain than are brick or wood buildings. Steel buildings are also energy efficient if they are insulated correctly, which saves money on cooling and heating bills. Moreover, steel buildings are durable and can stand up against severe weather conditions. Lastly, the walls in a steel building are easily removable, making it easy to expand offices or install additions to just about any building or floor.